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I’m a storyteller. Ever since I was a child my father use to ask how my day had gone. He couldn’t accept an answer like “Oh, it was good”; he wanted to know every single detail of what I’ve learned, what I’ve discovered. My Grandfather was a famous Argentine Theatre writer, so storytelling was all around my childhood. 

When I finished High School I decided to study at the “Advertising Creative School” in Buenos Aires. Soon after I started working in agencies as a copywriter, with just 19 years old.  Scripts became my passion for years and after working at Grey, Del Campo Nazca S&S, Mc Cann Erickson, BBDO, David and TBWA Brazil I won all those festivals with animals or pencils statues like Cannes, Clio, D&AD, London Festival, El Sol, Ojo de Iberoamérica, etc.

Finally, when I became ECD of David Brazil -the position I was pursuing as a creative- I realized that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Too many meetings every day made me think about my future, and while shooting a Coca-Cola global spot, and working very close with the director, I decided that I wanted to do that. My first project as a director was selected among “best of the week spots” at Creativity and the second one won a Cannes Lion.

As a director I like to mix both worlds. I try to bring my experience in agencies as a copywriter to make scripts grow in the production process and at the same time use what I’ve learned at production companies, giving always my 100% to make the best piece possible. I enjoy working humor, acting, documentary, post production, exploring new ways of telling a good story in every single detail, like my father loved to hear.



Federico is an internationally awarded copywriter and director, originally from Argentina and currently working in Europe as a freelance creative.

In Buenos Aires he worked at El Cielo - together with Ramiro Agulla and Carlos Baccetti, the creative couple who "refound" Argentinean advertising in the 90´s- and Ponce Buenos Aires -one of the most creative agencies in the LOWE network-.

After six years, he decided to start a new adventure and moved to Germany with a bag full of winter clothes and a couple of contacts. There he worked at Ogilvy and DDB Germany, where he had the chance to win 3 Gold Lions -Outdoor Craft Copywriting- and 3 Silver -Outdoor Campaign- for the Ikea campaign "Decisions". 
During the last 14 years brands like Persil, Ikea, Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Philips Global, Hyundai, Unilever, Axe, Rexona, Stella Artois, Cartoon Network, Sony Entertainment TV and Pepsico Mexico kept him entertained for hours, and hours and extra hours. And some weekends, too.
 He was recognized in major advertising festivals such as Cannes Lions, One Show, ADC, Europe ADC, Ojo de Iberoamerica, Wave Festival, El Diente, FIAP and Premios Clarín. Additionally, he also got recognition at several international short film festivals: Festival Cine Martil (Morocco), Festival Cine B (Chile), FECISO (Chile) and FESAALP (Argentina).
When he is not working or writing in third person, Federico also likes to shoot short films and video clips.

Ah, last but not least. Federico is in love with Messi.



I’m Daniele, a Creative Art Director with over 10 years of hard work on my back.

I’ve worked for international advertising agencies like J. Walter Thompson, BBDO and Mullenlowe. I’m also the founder of Leche Publicidad, a creative agency in La Paz, Bolivia and Mullenlowe Bolivia with others partners. I had the honor to be a member of the MullenLowe Creative Council for Cannes Lions 2017 in Costa Rica, with Chacho Puebla and other “gurus” of the advertising world.

My passion for this work gave me the pleasure to work with brands like Pepsi, Gatorade, Seven Up, Guarana Antarctica, Unilever, Motorola, AnBEV InBev, and many more.

I’ve teamed up with these two talented guys -Jorge and Fede- in this new concept of creative content agency. And also working as a freelancer for clients in Italy and Bolivia.

But, the most important thing is….After 10 years of this marriage between me and the advertising world, I’m still hungry, I have gasoline for many years more, I feel this trip is just starting. And who knows, where it is going to take me. Meanwhile, I’m ready to work on more good ideas and design anything you need.



I’m a fabulator since my youngest childhood, since my dad used to tell me bedtime stories. I sometimes stayed awake thinking how the end of these stories could be, because he never finished them. He always felt asleep before me.

I spent my early years between playing football and reading books. Eduardo Galeano, Fontanarrosa and Walt Whitman are some authors I discovered during my adolescence... But the one that remained in my memory was Federico Fellini. It was my mom who accompanied me to my first theater Workshops.

I work as an actor since I was 22 and had the privilege of being directed by the most prestigious theater directors of Argentina such as Jorge Lavelli, Roberto Villanueva, Manuel González Gil among others. I participated in more than 30 plays. With Pablo Solarz (Historias Mínimass, El último traje) I wrote my first screenplay for cinema, " Los rítmicos, la típica y la jazz ", in which I could use my dad's story as a poetic basis. Together with Pedro Sedlinsky we wrote Los Habitantes, “una familia de muertos investiga su propio crimen”,  which was already pre-selected by Ibermedia and we are currently still working on it.



I’m Gustavo Cornillon, dramaturge and scriptwriter for TV series, short and feature films from Buenos Aires. I worked as a Project Manager at large scale companies, but in the middle of the life I left all behind to tell stories.

Considering my works I want to highlight Luminaris, with a Guinness World Record to the Most Awarded Short (324 international prizes). And another short winner is El Guante/The Glove, my first script.

Ruta Misteriosa / Mysterious Road is an eight episode thriller, broadcasted by TV Pública Argentina and winner of the Premio Nacional de las Artes (National Arts Prize) in the Best TV/Radio Script category.

Soy tu Karma / I am you Karma is my first feature film script, a comedy with international cast. Sad to say, was a critic flop but a big source for learning.

Next year another comedy of my own will be premiered: Instrucciones para la Poligamia / Polygamy for Dummies, and for sure this will enjoy better luck.

Beyond my theater plays and fictional scripts, I wrote documentary series scripts for Discovery Channel, Wobi Channel and Canal Encuentro from Argentina. Also I am professor of the National Cinema School (ENERC) for the TV Series Script class.

My motto is “better chose your problem before a problem chose you”.




Pedro Sedlinsky is a theatre- and scriptwriter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has studied play writing in the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático with Mauricio Kartún and got his specialization in playwriting. He is currently pitching several projects for TV & Cinema in Brazil and Argentina.

Some of his works are:
‘Drawing on a tarnished glass’ (Prize Teatro XXI, Getea, 1997).
‘The hand in the flask in the box in the train’ (Prize Teatro XXI, Getea, 1998. Also winner of the Prize Antonio Buero Vallejo, Guadalajara, Spain, 1998. This piece was staged and published in France and Spain)
‘Blood bones skin son’ (staged in the cycle Teatro por la Identidad, 2001).
‘Dr. Krupp’s report’ was finalist in the XXXII Prize Tirso de Molina, Spain, 2003. It was staged in the Cervantes Theatre, with the direction of Francisco Javier, and introduced at the Festival La Mousson d’eté, in Point a Mousson, France, 2003.
‘The wizard’s heart’ was staged in the theatre Espacio Ecléctico, directed by Dora Milea, in 2010.
‘Taking over the factory’, written in collaboration with Joselo Bella and Ricardo Díaz Mourelle, was first staged in 2016, with the direction of Pedro Sedlinsky.
Ofelia’s body’, based in ‘Hamlet’, written in collaboration with Bernardo Cappa, was staged in 2018.




We are Felipe (Chile) and Nico (Argentina), a fusion of trans-Andean creativity. We met studying in Buenos Aires and from that moment on, became partners of our own career. Together, we went through agencies where we learned a lot, such as David, DDB, Nomads, Ogilvy and currently we moved to Chile to work at 10:10.

 During this process we had the opportunity to work for brands from all areas such as Volskwagen, Hellmanns, Directv, Bimbo, Tecate (Heineken Mexico), Cartoon Network, Escudo (Heineken Chile), ScJohnson, McDonald´s, BBVA, etc.

 We are a mixture of curiosity and anxiety, which leads us to be constantly in motion, and this brought us to Containers to work as sailors.




Dami has 23 years of experience in advertising industry. His last position in Argentina was in Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires as D.C., and right afterwards as ECD and Partner in Lafusion. He has been awarded in Cannes, Clio, FIAP, One Show, LIA, D&DA, Ojo de Iberoamérica, New York, among many other national awards as Lápiz de Platino and CCA. 

Throughout his career he worked for Microsoft, Citi Bank, Quilmes (Ambev), Delta Airlines, Diageo, Visa (Argentina & Latam), Puma, Goodyear, Metropolitan Life, Alamo (Enterprises), Danone, C&A, Banco Provincia, Yakult, Tulipán, FIAP, Delta Airlines and Verizon (Fios). 

In 2008 Damián move to Miami to work as Head of Creatives at DKP, developing 360º communications for the region -including US Hispanic, México, Central América (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá) Caribe (Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haití) and south America (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Brasil, Chile and Argentina -.
His last position in Miami was Creative Director at The Community U.S, where he worked for Verizon (Fios) and ESPN among other projects.

Currently, Damián is working as freelance for brands like Diageo, Unilever and Danone.



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I am on an adventure to bring clear thinking to the world. 

With so many questions on to how create sustainable shareholder value and competitors moving at the speed of light, I bring clarity and inspiration to transform businesses through the power of creativity.

That one single idea, you know? 
That captivates and simplifies even the toughest challenges.
That goes beyond communications and encompasses all points of contact people have with the brand – product, service, packaging, distribution…

My 10 years of experience in agencies like TBWA, DDB, BBDO and companies like Nestlé and Zalando helped me to shape and solidify this vision among very different types of companies and problems, like launching a new fast-fashion brand in Brazil and transforming it into one of the top selling brands in the market.
Or transforming Nissan’s Frontier into a cultural phenomenon, leading to a record of 115% sales uplift and winning a Effie and a Jay Chiat (awards for communication effectiveness).

I decided to be part of Container because I felt the usual processes, bureaucracy and hierarchies of big agencies were getting in the way of the most important: transform businesses through creativity. 

So, bring us what’s keeping you awake in the night and we will give you a good night’s sleep.



1968 is remembered for two important things:

The student revolution and the birth of Franco Marconi, who after his first years in Monterotondo arrives in Rome and enrolls in the Institute of Art Silvio d'Amico.He is immediately on the right track: this is demonstrated by the fact that the first year drops out of school and graduates at the Istituto Professionale Alberghiero di Stato as Chef of Cousine. But Franco thinks once again when he realizes that he holds the pencil better than the ladle, so he gets a diploma at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics Roma to then dedicate his time to the restoration of frescoes in the team of a professor in the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro.All this until 1991, when he joined Armando Testa as Art Director.In June 2004 he comes out alive, throws himself into the great solo adventure.Solo adventure is not really the right way to express it: he founded the Marconi Art Lab. A creative laboratory that will provide creativity to all those agencies that will need help. While using a “white label” formula he works for Ars Imago, Young & Rubicam, Yes I’m and participates in contests for national and international budgets. In 2012 he creates the Lab22 coworking. Just like that is born a space where different professional profiles that work in communication meet: Art directors, Copywriters, journalists, directors, web masters, developers, publishers, project managers, social media managers and others. He has worked for clients like:

Alitalia, AIL, Chiquita, Diners Club International, Il Messaggero, Ministry of Finance, Nazareno Gabrielli, Poltrona Frau, Q8, Raiuno, Raidue, Raitre, Poltrona Frau, Q8, Raiuno, Raidue, Raitre, Sanpellegrino, Stream, Telecom Italia, Telestet Greece, Tim. Awards: KeyAward 1998, Mediastar 2001, Specialstar 2001 and Garland d'Honeur 2002


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Flamboyant Paradise is the alliance of award winning directors Javier Lourenço & Antoine Quairiat. Heading an experienced creative film-making team, they focus on outstanding art direction and provocative comedy storytelling. They create top-notch animations and unusual live action. They develop incredible characters in their unique worlds. They produce fluffy emotions, colorful palettes and sunny smiles.

Javier & Antoine’s awards cabinet includes CannesLions, Clio, New York Festival, London IAA, USH Idea, Cíclope, Fiap, El Ojo, Milano Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand, Art Futura, Expotoons and the latest Argentina Creative Creative Circle Awards Grand Prix, among others.

Gizmo is an award winning animation studio that offers a range of 3D, 2D, character development, visual effects, production, direction and post production services to integrated content and films. With exceptional CG characters and environments, Gizmo produces high end cinematics for world-class gaming companies.

We make advertising, content, films, broadcast, and digital projects.



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I’m Giannunzio Lucibelli, Creative Art Director - Digital Designer from Rome with more than 18 years of experience.
I started studying Graphic Design in 1992 and graduated from the "European Institute of Design" (IED) in 1995 / Advertising Communication - Graphic Design and in 2009 in Video Design.

I love to call myself a digital craftsman, passionate and in love with my work. Every digital tool is a source of inspiration for me to communicate and experiment, ideas, images, interactivity and functionality, emotions, signs, motion, videos. 
During my professional career, I worked in the communication corporate, marketing and IT teams of large Italian companies like Telecom Italia, Pirelli, Matrix, Italiaonline ( Libero and Virgilio Web portals ). I’ve also worked with other advertising agencies in Italy including INC ( International Institute of Communication ).

I was very lucky to meet very good people, customers and important brands like Samsung, who gave me the opportunity to grow and achieve excellent results.

My mantra has always been to never give up and chose to right people, whatever happens.




I´m a peruvian concept creator based in Buenos Aires, sometimes in Lima and if I get lucky my base could be any city on the planet that has a common characteristic…inspiring people.

As an advertising creative for nine years, I can say that there is a phrase that defines my work and my personality ... "tell the reality of people with an addictive little twist".

After graduating as a communicator, I did a specialization at UNDERGROUND Buenos Aires creative school, where I was fortunate to have Javier Campopiano- one of the most awarded Argentinean creatives nowadays- as a teacher.

Already knowing the style of communication I want to make, I worked in several advertising agencies in Lima, including MAYO FCB and TBWA, in the latter I had the opportunity to win a Grand Prix at the Caribbean Festival held in Panama.

By working with brands like Adidas, Scotiabank, Bitel, among others, I realized that I don´t have the power to read people´s minds, but I give my best so they can read mine in every project I participate.

This ceviche lover says..see you later!!!



From the year 2008 to date, I am working as an independent consultant and Thinking Partner in Sustainable Communication. I team up with companies, organizations and individuals aiming to promote meaningful brands for the benefit of the people, the community and the planet. 

During my trajectory in branding and communication, I have worked for first level brands such as Nike, Levi's, Banco Galicia, Coca-Cola and Natura Cosmetics. At the same time I has more than twelve years of experience inspiring and driving changes aligned with Sustainable Development.

I had a degree in Advertising from UCES, with a postgraduate specialization in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development from UCA. I am also a member of the Advisory Board of Sustainable Brands International, Director of Contents of Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires and Co-Organizer of the local edition of the Circular Economy Club in Buenos Aires.

As a Thinking Partner I offer my clients a combination of different skills, such as the consultant, the facilitator, the planner or the creative. Of course, none of this experience would have any worth if I did not hold action above all other objectives as the most important thing.

Last but not least, I have to tell you that I always need my work to be aligned with my values, my principles and my vision of the world.



I started my carreer as an art director in Ratto BBDO Buenos Aires, where I worked for important clients such as Pepsi-Cola, Volkswagen, Nike and some other national brands. Afterwards, I joined Grey, where I worked as a Creative Director, and developed important campaigns for Clarin Newspaper, CEPAS Argentina, Gatorade, Pedigree, etc. In Grey I won 2 Cannes Lions, 3 Clios and Grey Argentina was named Star Office. Then I switched to CraveroLanis, where I won The Grand Prix in FIAP. In 2005 I joined Leo Burnett Argentina, where I won international prizes too, including the Cannes Lion, Clio, Sol de Iberoamérica, Pencil One Show, Art Director’s, Grand Prix in Wave and Grand Prix in Círculo de Creativos Argentino, for a recognized action for the Red Cross, called The Blooded House.
In 2010, I joined Mariano Serkin and Maxi Itzkoff at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, where I was named Regional Creative Director. I won there 3 Cannes Lions for Andes Beer, 2 Clios, Cube in Art Director’s and Sol de Iberoamérica.

In 2014 I was named General Creative Director in CUKO, and in 2016 I joined Projimo, an agency with its eye in social causes. There I got the Wood Pencil D&AD Impact Awards

Nowadays I happily live in Madrid, and I work as a freelance creative director. I miss going to watch San Lorenzo de Almagro in Argentina, my favorite soccer team there.




I started my career in the advertising industry in Grey Argentina, where I won several international prizes there like Cannes, D&AD, One Show, and FIAP.
In 2003 I worked for two years in McCann with Martín Mercado for Coca Cola and Chevrolet. Then I moved to Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, and afterwards I joined FCB, where I worked as a Creative Director for Beiersdorf Laboratories.

In 2009 I took a two years break for maternity. I kept on freelance working, as a copywriter and illustrating too, I became addict to digital drawings.
I am currently working at Don as a Senior Copywriter, and moving to Madrid in the upcoming months.